2018: Excavations at Copt Howe rock art site, Cumbria, co-directed with Richard Bradley.

2018: Interviewed about rock art on Ben Lawers for BBC Radio 4 documentary, Open Country.

2017: Curatorial Advisor to the Kilmartin Museum Redevelopment Project, Argyll.

2016: Conferred as an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Archaeology, Durham University.

2014: Interviewed for radio documentary, The Sounds of Shapes to Come, RTÉ, Ireland.

2014: Living Symbols of Kilmartin Glen. Multimedia installation and community sculpture project, with John Was. Kilmartin Museum.

2012: Digital Dwelling at Skara Brae: a film exhibited on site at World Heritage location of Skara Brae and simultaneously at Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney.

2012: Research paper presented, by invitation, at ‘Sounds from Silence’ symposium hosted by Cornell University, USA. The sound of stones: experiments in Multimedia Archaeology.

2011: Research paper presented, by invitation, at ‘Tuned City Tallin’, a performance arts event and festival staged in Tallin, Estonia. The sound of megalithic monuments: from Skara Brae to Stonehenge.

2011: Orkney: monuments and transformation: a film commissioned by University of Edinburgh, and screened at the George Square Theatre, Edinburgh as part of the Palaeophonics performance event.

2008 - 11: Artist in residence and illustrator for AHRC funded research project, Kilmartin, Argyll. University of Southampton. Jones, A., Freedman, D., O’Connor, B., Lamdin-Whymark, H., Tipping, R., Watson, A. 2011. An Animate Landscape: rock art and the prehistory of Kilmartin, Argyll, Scotland. Oxford: Windgather Press.

2010: Ben Lawers Rock Art. Solo photographic touring exhibition, hosted by National Trust for Scotland.

2010: Stones from the Sky: A film commissioned by Eden District Council. On permanent display, Penrith and Eden Museum, Cumbria

2010: New Visions of the Past. Retrospective of painting and mixed media work staged by the Mill on the Fleet gallery, Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries and Galloway.

2009: A Ripple on the World’s Pool: commissioned film screened inside York Minster at a performance event hosted by the University of York (with John Was).

2008: Artworks exhibited, film screening and paper presented at the World Archaeology Congress, University College Dublin. 

2008: Stone Reflector. Solo exhibition of paintings and mixed media, Kilmartin House Museum, Argyll.

2007 - 9: Co-directs excavations upon Ben Lawers with Professor Richard Bradley

2007: Kilmartin Eye, a landscape installation with Steve Keeling: commissioned by Kilmartin House Museum, Argyll.

2007: Monumental Landscapes. Solo exhibition of painting and mixed media work at the Loft Gallery, St. Margaret’s Hope, Orkney.

2007: Carneddau film screened at Materialitas conference, University College Dublin.

2006: Paper presented by invitation at ‘Sound:Space’, a sonic arts symposium at the South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell. Acoustic archaeology.  

2006: Journeys through monumental landscapes, paper presented, by invitation, at the Art in the Land conference, hosted by Glasgow School of Art.

2006: Stones: Circles: Landscape: Art, curated exhibition of artworks, multimedia and artefacts in collaboration with Simon Callery, Penrith and Eden Museum, Cumbria.

2005 - 8: Honorary University Fellow at the University of Exeter

2005: Monuments in colour. Solo exhibition hosted by the National Trust at Avebury, Wiltshire. Funded by Arts Council England.

2005: Featured on television documentary: Stonehenge: the Ultimate Experiment, Channel 5/Discovery Channel.

2004 - 5: Arts and Humanities Research Council funded artist, University of Reading.

2004: Paper and performance, by invitation, at ‘Hidden Dimensions’ symposium, Department of Archaeology, Gothenburg University, Sweden. Acoustics and archaeology/ Monumental soundscapes.

2004: Presentation, by invitation, at ‘Gage – art, technology and individual’, event hosted by Hull Time-Based Arts. Stonehenge. Standing stones. Strange technology. 

2004: Performance, by invitation, at the Department of Music, London Metropolitan University. Watson, A. and Was, J. 2004. Instruments of ritual: stone age monuments and sound

2003: Interviewed for television documentary, Pagans, Granada TV.

2003: Paper presented, by invitation, at ‘Rethinking materiality/ Art as archaeology and archaeology as art’ symposium, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge. Making space for monuments: notes on the representation of experience.

2003: Paper presented, by invitation at ‘Acoustics, space and intentionality’ symposium, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge. In-between sound and silence: acoustics, intent and megalithic monuments

2002: interview for television documentary, Unlocking the Past, Discovery Channel/ Readers Digest

2002: Keynote lecture, ‘Axe me another’ exhibition opening, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery

2002: Interview for radio documentary: The First Song, BBC Radio 4.

2002: Interview for television documentary: Unlocking the past, Discovery Channel/Readers Digest.

2002: Founded Monumental consultancy.

2001: Research featured in radio documentary: Stone age sound, BBC Radio 4/BBC Natural History Unit.

2001: Research featured on television documentary: Sounds from the stone age, part of the Secrets of the dead series, Channel 4.

2001: Paper presented, by invitation, at Society for American Archaeology conference, New Orleans, USA. A circle of sound: the unseen architecture of Stonehenge. 

2000: interviewed for radio documentary: A history of the voice, BBC Radio 4.

2000: interviewed for radio documentary: Sounds of the stone age, part of the Unearthing mysteries series, BBC Radio 4.

2000 - 3: Lecturer at the Department of Archaeology, University of Reading.

2000: Completed a PhD in archaeology at the University of Reading.

1998: Interviewed on television documentary: Science frontiers – ancient astronauts, Beyond Productions TV. Featured on television documentary: ‘Stonehenge: secrets of the stones’, Yorkshire TV/ Channel4/ Discovery Channel.

1995: Began investigation into the role of acoustics in the use of prehistoric monuments. first published in 1999 and was awarded prize for best first paper in the international journal, Antiquity.