Survey and excavation introduction

In this section I will feature some of the more practical and fieldwork-based aspects of my work over the past twenty years. This diverse range of projects ranges from excavations at rock art sites, stone circles and chambered cairns, through to field walking with local communities. Also included are some method-based approaches to survey, including photogrammetry and illustration.

Given the nature of archaeology, however, many of these approaches mesh with rather more interpretative or approaches. While many of the outputs from these projects have been communicated through academic publication, I will also be including some of my more experimental and creative responses.

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Ben Lawers >

Excavations at some of the highest known rock art in the British Isles, co-directed with Richard Bradley.

Torbhlaren and Ormaig >

Excavations at rock art sites in the midst of the monumental landscapes of Kilmartin Glen, in collaboration with Andrew Jones.

Balnuaran of Clava >

Excavations and field walking around the Clava Cairns near Inverness, in collaboration with Richard Bradley.


Encircled Space >

An investigation into the landscape setting of stone circles and henges, developing upon my doctoral research at the University of Reading.


Photogrammetry >

Further information will follow soon...

Living Among the Monuments >

A community field walking project in the Vale of Eden, Cumbria, in association with Penrith and Eden Museum and co-directed with Annie Hamilton-Gibney and Antony Dickson.