Excavating rock art in Strath Tay day 2: We continue to remove the turf

The digging continued today as we stripped grass and turf from the highest part of the natural mound.


Above: The focus for this project is on the highest part of the natural mound (Photo: Aaron Watson, September 2018)


We began to find extensive traces of bedrock hidden just below the grass, as well as patches stone cobbles. Was there a cairn within the area defined by low outcrops?


Above: Although the turf was often shallow, its removal required heavy work (Photo: Aaron Watson, September 2018)


Above: A short video of the de-turfing (Video: Aaron Watson, September 2018)


Tomorrow, we hope to begin trowelling the trench.

The 2018 excavations in Strath Tay were co-directed by Richard Bradley and Aaron Watson, assisted by Ronnie Scott and Moyra Simon. Many thanks to the landowner and estate staff for their support.