Projects introduction

For me, archaeology is not only a means of uncovering and interpreting the past; it offers a fundamentally different way of seeing the world.

This perspective has emerged during my work upon a variety of projects, from excavation and field survey to experimental investigations into acoustics and optics. Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments can appear to be static and silent because they are studied and recorded using methods that capture their material remains. I am interested in how dynamic multisensory experiences of architecture and landscape can reanimate these places, revealing fresh insights into how monuments may have been used and understood.

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Archaeoacoustics >

Ongoing explorations into the potential for sound to enliven Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments, from echoes at Stonehenge to resonant frequencies at Maeshowe.

Archaeo-optics >

Investigating the capacity for Neolithic structures to generate colourful and dynamic light projections that are reminiscent of cinematography.

Survey and excavation >

An overview of collaborative work on a variety of archaeological projects, ranging from stone circles in the Lake District to rock art sites around Kilmartin Glen.


Art and archaeology >

Projects relating to creative interaction and experimentation. How do we encounter and experience archaeological sites, how do we interpret what we feel?