Archaeo-optics in Orkney Day 5: Spectacular sunset at the Dwarfie Stane

This evening we successfully captured the full brightness of the sun projected into the chamber, just before clouds arrived around sunset,

Video showing direct sunlight inside the Dwarfie Stane and also accellarated footage for the clouds moving across the sky and the setting sun (Video: Aaron Watson)
Evening sunlight at the Dwarfie Stane (Photo: Aaron Watson)
A straight alignment upon the sun (Photo: Aaron Watson)
Is interesting to watch my shadow, and to compare this with the projected images inside the chamber (Photo: Aaron Watson)
The golden glow of direct sunlight falling upon the rear wall of the Dwarfie Stane (Photo: Aaron Watson)
Looking back out of the Dwarfie Stane towards the setting sun, with clouds beginning to move across the sky (Photo: Aaron Watson)