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My archaeological research began in the 1990s as a student at the University of Reading. This was when I first explored Neolithic sites in the Lake District, fieldwork that first encouraged me to explore sensory experience. I also excavated at the Clava Cairns in Scotland, a project that influenced many of my approaches. At that time, during a visit to a stone circle near Aberdeen, I first heard the acoustic effects which initiated a long-term investigation into the role of sound at archaeological sites.

My doctoral thesis focused upon the relationship between stone circles, henges and landscape, and I was fortunate to be supervised by Richard Bradley. The results of this fieldwork introduced me to new ways of thinking about the ways in which I engage with the world, including the connections between monumental architecture, landscape and perception.

Influenced by ongoing work in the archaeology of the senses, I also began to consider the relationship between archaeological fieldwork and interpretation. This led to a series of reflexive approaches to the gathering and communication of ideas, including experimental publications, audiovisual works and the integration of creative methodologies within traditional practice. In 2002 I founded Monumental, a research organisation and consultancy which offers innovative approaches to visualisation, film, and design across academia and the heritage industry. A variety of projects followed, ranging from community archaeology in Cumbria to art installations in Argyll.

Since 2012 I began working on a new project to explore the optical properties of Neolithic monuments. I also continue to work in the Lake District, including investigations into recently discovered monuments that have some very intriguing relationships with natural places.

In 2016, I was delighted to be conferred as an Honorary Fellow in Archaeology at Durham University.


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I am Creative Director at the heritage visualisation and interpretation consultancy that I founded in 2002. Please click to visit our website.