Welcome to my website. I'm an archaeologist, and for thirty years I have been exploring the prehistoric past. The Neolithic and Bronze Age people who walked the land over four thousand years ago left behind an incredible legacy of structures and places, including chambered cairns, stone circles and rock art.

Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments often appear static and silent in the modern world. One of my interests is to explore whether they may once have been venues where people encountered powerful and dynamic sensory experiences. Alongside survey and excavation, I've been investigating qualities such as sound and light, seeking new insights into how ancient architecture might have been used and understood.




New in Projects are 3D models of rock art and ancient monuments which can be navigated in real time.

Revised 6 September 2018


Excavations at Copt Howe

New in the Journal is an overview of recent fieldwork at a remarkable rock art site in the Lake District.

Revised 4 August 2018