A move to Kilmartin Museum in Argyll

At the end of 2018, I took on a post at Kilmartin Museum which seeks to raise the profile of the Museum's Collections and the archaeology of Kilmartin Glen as a whole.

I've collaborated with the Museum for many years providing illustrations, photography, films and installations. During 2017, in support of the Museum’s Redevelopment Project, I acted as Curatorial Advisor developing themes and interpretations which contributed to a Heritage Lottery Fund Round 2 application. In my new role, I also contribute towards the ongoing preparations for Redevelopment.


Above: The rock art site of Ormaig photographed at night during excavations in 2007 (Photograph: Aaron Watson)


As regular readers will know, sites in the Kilmartin area feature regularly in this journal. I've excavated locally and co-authored An Animate Landscape: Rock Art and the Prehistory of Kilmartin.

To learn more about how Kilmartin Museum’s Redevelopment Project will provide a hub within the ancient landscapes and monuments of Argyll please visit: http://www.kilmartin.org/redevelopment/