Archaeo-optics in Orkney Day 9: Success! Our first sunrise projected inside Cuween Hill cairn

A short film featuring fieldwork at Cuween Hill (Video: Ronnie Scott & Aaron Watson / Edit: Aaron Watson)
First glimpse of the rising sun projected within the chamber of Cueen Hill cairn (Photo: Aaron Watson)
The complete disc of the sun once it has risen above Wideford Hill on the horizon (Photo: Aaron Watson)
A beam of sunlight is revealed by particles suspended in the atmosphere of the passage (Photo: Aaron Watson)
The aperture screen removed to reveal direct sunlight as it leaves the interior of Cuween Hill (Photo: Aaron Watson)
Ronnie filming the effects of sunlight along the passage at Cuween Hill (Photo: Aaron Watson)
The outside of Cuween Hill, showing the passage entrance once sunlight has left the chamber (Photo: Aaron Watson)