Archaeo-optics in Orkney Day 14: Further dawn observations at Cuween Hill

This morning we focused upon the impact of direct sunlight within the chamber of Cuween Hill passage cairn.

Fieldwork video of observations inside Cuween Hill (Video: Ronnie Scott / Edit: Aaron Watson)
Cuween Hill cairn is well placed to see reflections upon the bay below (Photo: Aaron Watson)
Optical projections inside chambered cairns would not have been the only way Neolithic people could have seen an inverted world (Photo: Aaron Watson)
Looking across to where the sun rises over the shoulder of Wideford Hill (Photo: Aaron Watson)
The sun seen from inside the chamber of Cuween Hill (Photo: Aaron Watson)
Ronnie observing the glowing path of direct sunlight inside the chamber of Cuween Hill (Photo: Aaron Watson)
Sunshine illuminating the passage wall within Cuween Hill (Photo: Aaron Watson)
The view from outside Cuween Hill a few minutes after dawn (Photo: Aaron Watson)

As soon as the sun had risen, it was time for us to return to Stromness and board the ferry.