Excavating rock art in Strath Tay day 5: Revealing more


Above: Ronnie continues to excavate the ditch in Trench 2, overlooked by the decorated outcrop (Photo: Aaron Watson, 2017)


Trench 2 was given a thorough clean. Weathering overnight clearly reveals distinct dark patches in the soil around the stone feature, with its cup marked boulder.


Above: Trench 2 cleaned, showing the rubble patch set against the small outcrop. Darker patches of greasy compact soil are clearly visible (Photo: Aaron Watson)


Above: Wide angle view of the features in Trench 2 and the rock outcrop (Photo: Aaron Watson, 2017


Above: A rainbow materialises above the outcrop during the afternoon. Optical effects are never far away in the landscape (Photo: Aaron Watson, 2017)


Above: Amanda cleaning the cairn stones in Trench 4. The possible kerbstones are at the near end of the trench (Photo: Aaron Watson, 2017)


This project took place in collaboration with Richard Bradley, Amanda Clarke, Ronnie Scott, Maria Cowie and Moyra Simon. Many thanks to the landowner and estate staff for their support.