Excavating rock art in Strath Tay day 10: Atmospheric effects

This morning dawned gloomy and overcast in Strathtay, but as we arrived at site the shifting mist and low sunlight combined to create intriguing atmospheric effects which I have only rarely seen.

The most distinctive was a white arc of luminous light, like a colourless rainbow, created by the low sun refracting through the mist.


Above: The mist bow as it was first seen rising from pasture near the site (Photo: Aaron Watson, 2017)


Above: A white bow rises behind Trench 1 and the outcrop (Photo: Aaron Watson, 2017) 


Above: As the mist shifted around us, we set up out tape measures to begin the days surveying (Photo: Aaron Watson, 2017)


Above: Later in the morning, the mist became concentrated in the valley below (Photo: Aaron Watson, 2017)


Above: The cup and ring marks revealed in the low sunlight (Photo: Aaron Watson, 2017)


Above: After the mist cleared, the day was warm and bright. Ideal for Ronnie and Maria to survey in the locations of the trenches (Photos: Aaron Watson)


This project took place in collaboration with Richard Bradley, Amanda Clarke, Ronnie Scott, Maria Cowie and Moyra Simon. Many thanks to the landowner and estate staff for their support.