Photogrammetry at Goatscrag Hill, Northumberland

These carvings of animals are positioned on a vertical surface within a rock shelter at Goatscrag Hill. I last visited the site in 1992, with Stan Beckensall acting as an inspiring guide. As I remember Stan emphasising at the time: this is a remarkable place.

Sandstone cliffs at Goatscrag Hill (Photo: Aaron Watson)

The carvings are exceptional because they depict animals. This contrasts with most British prehistoric rock art which is composed from abstract dots, circles and lines. Analysis has suggested the species shown may be deer or goats. The age of the carvings is unknown, but there is a possibility that they may be prehistoric. Archaeological excavations in the 1960s investigated the floor of the shelter and found evidence of both a Mesolithic presence and a number of Bronze Age cremation burials.

3D model of the animal carvings at Goatscrag Hill. Please click on the button to view (Model: Aaron Watson)
Shifting light over Yeavering Bell and the Cheviots, seen from Goatscrag Hill (Photo: Aaron Watson)